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Conduction-Radiation Interaction In Rectangular Enclosures Containing Non-Gray Participating Media
Venkatesh Vasudevan, K. Karthikeyan, C. Balaji, S.P. Venkateshan

In this paper, a numerical analysis of the interaction of conduction and radiation in a two dimensional enclosure containing a non-gray participating medium has been carried out. A finite volume method of discretization has been adopted to solve the radiant transfer equation coupled with the energy equation for conduction within the medium. A band model has been used to simulate the non-gray nature of the medium. A significant contribution of the present work is a generic formulation that accounts for the non-gray character of the enclosed medium. The influence of the non-gray nature of the medium on the interaction between radiation and conduction has been highlighted. Based on a large sample of numerical data, correlations have been developed to predict heat transfer, both by conduction and by radiation, for the case of a rectangular enclosure with three cold walls subject to convective heating from below. These correlations could serve as a guideline for future studies of conduction-radiation interaction in non-gray media. Results are also presented to highlight the effect of wavelength on the wall fluxes and isotherm patterns by varying the location of an arbitrarily considered band window.

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