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Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Temperature Differences within a Thermoacoustic Cell
Patxi Duthil, Catherine Weisman, Emmanueal Bretagne, Maurice-Xavier Francois

This study is devoted to the experimental and numerical simulations of thermoacoustic heat transfer. We focus on the time dependence of the temperature in the vicinity of a stack of plates interacting with a fluid subjected to a monochromatic acoustic wave. The experimental setup is a Heat Driven Thermo Acoustic Refrigerator where acoustic temperature fields are measured for transient and steady states. For the simulations, the equations for continuity, motion, energy and state for this compressible fluid, are written within the framework of the low Mach number approximation. Conduction within two solid plates limiting the computational domain is taken into account. The system is solved within the fluid and solid domains together, using a fractional time step method, derived from the projection methods used for incompressible flows.

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