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Numerical Simulation of Crystal Growth of CdZnTe by Vertical Gradient Freezing Method – Crucible Rotation Effect
Yukimasa Kawaguchi, Hironori Yasuda, Yasunori Okano and Sadik Dost

The growth of CdZnTe crystals by the Vertical Gradient Freezing (VGF) method from a non-dilute melt was simulated numerically. The goal of the simulation was to optimize the VGF growth process for the growth of better quality crystals. In the simulation model, constant (CCRT) and accelerated (ACRT) crucible rotations were considered, and the contributions of CCRT, ACRT, and thermal and solutal gradients to the convection in the melt were taken into account. The location of the growth interface was determined through the solution of the heat and mass balance equations together with the phase diagram. Simulation results show that the zinc segregation in the grown crystal can be controlled by controlling the convective flow by varying the levels of constant and accelerated rotations.

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