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Mixing and Reaction Processes in High Viscous Fluids with Alternate Rotation of Two Eccentric Cylinders
Toru Sato and Toshihsa Ueda

Mixing and reaction processes in high viscous fluid, glycerin, with alternate rotation of eccentric cylinders, outer cylinder with inner diameter 190mm and inner cylinder with diameter 50mm have been investigated experimentally and numerically. The chemical reaction Fe3++K4[Fe(CN)6] ÆKFe[Fe(CN)6]+3K+ takes place. Experimental results show that the mixing and reaction is enhanced in a chaotic region while scarcely enhanced in a regular region. Numerical investigation has been done from Lagrangian viewpoint. The reactants and product are modeled as particles. The reaction occurs when particles of two reactants touch with each other and subsequently two reacted particles are replaced by a product particle. The numerically predicted distribution of reactants and product agrees well with that of the experimental result. The reaction progress defined as the ratio of the number of product particles and the initial number of reactant particle is proposed to show overall characteristics of the progress of the chemical reaction.

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