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A Numerical Study of Non-Equilibrium Condensation in an Expansion Tube with Orifices
Masanori Tanaka, Shigeru Matsuo, Toshiaki Setoguchi and Heuy Dong Kim

Many studies on the propagation of the unsteady expansion waves in a pipe with area changes have been performed until now. However, there are relatively few studies that have been done on the interaction of the unsteady expansion waves with orifices in a pipe, which occurs in the piping systems of reciprocating engines, railway’s pneumatic air brake systems, rapid opening of valves and so on. Furthermore, there are many questions that are not yet resolved about the effects of the non-equilibrium condensation on the unsteady accelerated flow with the orifice in a pipe. In the present study, a computational fluid dynamics work was applied to clarify the effect of non-equilibrium condensation on compressible flows in an expansion tube with orifices, and the time – dependent flow properties were discussed based upon the present computational results. The results showed that the compressible flows in the expansion tube with orifices were strongly influenced by the non-equilibrium condensation.

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