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Numerical Study on a Compound Round Jet Controlled by Loading Solid Particles
Tomomi Uchiyama and Akihito Fukase

This study searches for the possibility to control an air jet by loading solid particles through the numerical simulation. A compound round jet laden with glass particles with diameter of 100 µm is simulated by the vortex method proposed by the authors. The Reynolds number is 20000, and the particle mass loading ratio is set at 0.27. The simulation clarifies that the particles impose the disturbance on the air jet and that they indeed promote the transition from the axisymmetrical structure to the three-dimensional one. The air momentum diffusion increases at the region slightly downstream of the initial region due to the particles, but it reduces at the developed region. It is found that the air turbulence modulations are caused by the particles, suggesting the possibility to control the jet by loading solid particles.

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