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Turbulent Flow and Heat (Mass) Transfer in Serpentine Channels with Different Aspect Ratio
Hiroshi Nakayama, Masafumi Hirota, Yasuhiro Ono and Hideomi Fujita

Experimental study was conducted on the flow and convective heat/mass transfer in serpentine rectangular channels. PIV measurements were performed for flow field analysis at a Reynolds number of 2.0 x 104, and the velocity data obtained near the walls were compared with published local heat/mass transfer rates to clarify the mechanism of heat transfer. Special attention was directed to the influence of the channel aspect ratio on thermo-fluids characteristics in the channels. A close comparison of velocity data with local Sherwood number distributions on the channel walls reveals that the local heat transfer enhancement after the turn is strongly influenced by the magnitude of secondary flow velocity, convective mean velocity, turbulent kinetic energy, and their contributions ratio changes depending on the channel aspect ratios.

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