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Molten Steel Flow Under a Traveling Magnetic Field with Argon Gas Supply in a Continuous Casting Mold: A Numerical Study
Noriko Kubo, Toshio Ishii, Jun Kubota and Toru Ikagawa

In the continuous casting process, the molten steel flow velocity should be controlled to prevent surface defects. For this purpose, we have employed the Electro Magnetic Level Stabilizer(EMLS) system, which applies a low frequency alternating magnetic field which moves from the shorter face of the mold to the mold center. In this study, the performance of the EMLS system was investigated using numerical calculation in order to learn how to control the molten steel flow more effectively. The influence of argon gas, which is supplied with molten steel into the mold through a nozzle, was also considered. From the results, it is found that the molten steel flow velocity can be stabilized proportional to the fourth power of the imposed magnetic field. Simulation results also indicate that the argon gas effect on the molten steel flow is considerably large and cannot be neglected when evaluating the performance of the EMLS system.

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