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Impinging Heat Transfer Due to a Turbulent Annular Jet
Himadri Chattopadhyay

Numerical investigations were performed to predict the heat transfer characteristics of the turbulent annular jet impinging on a surface. The turbulent flow field was resolved using the realizable k-e model due to Shi et al. (1995). An axi-symmetric formulation was used for solving the mass, momentum and energy equations with SIMPLE algorithm. The performance of an annular jet was compared with a standard circular jet having the same values of mass and momentums efflux at the nozzle exit. It was found that heat transfer from the annular jet was about 20% less compared to the circular jet. The heat transfer at the core, i.e., near the axis is relatively poor for the annular jet. Substantial heat transfer enhancement in the near-axis region is observed by increasing jet height.

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