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Below is a list of papers that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in JMEE but have not yet been assigned to an issue and are awaiting final changes before going to press. Articles will not be published until they have been assigned and final proofs have been approved by their author or authors.

Experimental Study of Local Scour Around Circular-crossing and Square-crossing Piles in Waves and Current
Shengtao Du, Chaolin Wang, Zhiyong Zhang, Guoxiang Wu and Bingchen Liang

Hazard Zoning of Harmful Algal Bloom Disasters in Zhejiang Coastal Waters Using GIS: 1933–2021
Shiyong Wen, Xizhen Liu, Siyang Chen, Lili Song, Tao Wang, Yanlong Chen and Na Liu

Numerical Study on the Migration of Leaked Oil in Submarine Sediment Caused by Pipeline Leakage Using Two-phase Flow Model
Xiaoli Liu, Shouming Liu, Tianyuan Zheng, Chongqiang Zhu and Dong-Sheng Jeng

First In-situ Full Deep Sea Sediment Strength Testing Device: MEGE
Guan Yang, Yonggang Jia, Yongzheng Quan, Jingxi Liu, Tingkai Nian, Yongfu Sun, Chaoqi Zhu, Na Zhu and Hongxian Shan

The Interaction Between Internal Solitary Waves and Submarine Canyons
Zhuangcai Tian, Jinjian Huang, Lei Song, Mingwei Zhang, Yonggang Jia and Jianhua Yue

Depth Effect of Rock-Breaking Seismic Source by Drilling Jumbo in Subsea Tunnel with the Drill and Blast Method and Its Application Prospects
Weidong Guo, Zhenyan Tian, Shucai Li, Shaoshuai Shi, Xin Wang and Xiansen Li

Distribution and characteristics of microplastics in the tidal flats of Sanya Bay, China
Gao Shumin, Liu Hailan, Han Shuzong, Wei Jiawei and Liu Hanjing

Effects of Abiotic Factors on Plant Community Composition and Functional Traits in the Liaohe Estuary
Guangshuai Zhang, Yueyin Cai, Hao Luo, Shanshan Hong , Changchun Song, Jishun Yan and Haichao Fang