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Below is a list of papers that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in JMEE but have not yet been assigned to an issue and are awaiting final changes before going to press. Articles will not be published until they have been assigned and final proofs have been approved by their author or authors.

Circulation Dynamics and Dilution in Shallow Estuaries Case Study (2): Numerical Modeling of Plume Dynamics
Oto-Obong Akpan, Daniel Barone and Robert Miskewitz

Review of Development of Submersible Deep-Sea Habitat Observation Technology
Zhongjun Ding, Zhiyuan Li, Guangzhao Diao, Dewei Li and Hongyu Li

Cyclic Behavior of China Laizhou Bay Submarine Mucky Clay at an Offshore Wind Turbine Site
Bo Han, Xinran Yu, Jinyong Guo, Ben He and Song Dai

Coastal wetland degradation and ecological problems in the Yellow River Delta during 2005–2021
Shuang Liu, Jimin Zhang, Xudong Liu, Jing Cao, Yi Zhang, Lecheng Sun, Xiaoli Song and Congcong Xing

Numerical Simulation Study on Flow Reduction Effect of Hexagonal Multi-cellular Revetment Blocks
Jianguo Zheng, Wenbo Li, Wei Tao, Guohui Xu and Bo Hong

Ecological Mechanisms of Carbon Sequestration in Vegetated Coastal Wetland Ecosystem: Exploring the Roles of Biodiversity and Environmental Changes
Lele Liu, Ning Du, Franziska Eller, Siyuan Ye, Xiaowen Li, Jifang Wei, Yaolin Guo, Hans Brix and Weihua Guo

Ocean Plastic Pollution: Sources, Effects, Challenges and Mitigation Measures
Ifeanyi S.M. Anekwe, Mphathesithe M. Mkhize, Helper Zhuo, Stephen O. Akpasi and Thembinkosi T.G. Mkhize

Shear Strength of Yellow River Estuary Soil Solidified by Using All-Solid-Waste Binder in Protecting Foundations of Offshore Wind Turbines
Lijun Yan, Junjie Yang and Yalei Wu

Reef Breakwaters for Coastal Protection: A State of the Art Review
Nimma Rambabu, V K Srineash, Manu K Sajan, Babloo Chaudhary and D N Singh