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NOTE: The papers listed under Forthcoming Issue are only an estimate. Author information, and the final sequence and selection, may alter upon publication.

29 1 D434 Angelina Ilíc Stepíc Adelic uncertainty logic
29 1 D471 Kaiyun Wang, Bin Zhao A representation theorem for Girard Q-algebras
29 1 D477 Jianming Zhan, Kuanyun Zhu and Violeta Leoreanu-Fotea Roughness in hemirings based on fuzzy strong h-ideals
29 1 D478 Omercan Susam Mustafa Altun Fast Synthesis of Reversible Circuits using a Sorting Algorithm and Optimization
29 2 D479 Young Bae Jun, Hee Sik Kim and Seok Zun Song A new type of subsemigroups and ideals of semigroups in
the framework of hesitant fuzzy set theory
29 2 D481 Thomas Vetterlein A representation of
finite, positive, commutative tomonoids
29 2 D482 Wenjuan Chen The new generalization of Wajsberg algebras
29 2 D483 Sławomir Przybyło, Katarzyna Słomczýnska Free Finitely Generated Linear Hilbert
Algebras with Supremum
29 2 D484 Debashish Das, Ali Safa Sadiq, Noraziah Binti Ahmad, Jaime Lloret Stock Market Prediction with Big Data Through Hybridization of Data Mining and Optimized Neural Network Techniques
29 3 D485 Peide Liu Some Frank aggregation operators for interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and their application to Group Decision Making
29 3 D486 George Georgescu and Claudia Mureşan Congruence Boolean Lifting Property
29 3 D487 Farshad Nahangi , Esfandiar Eslami and Arsham Borumand Saeid Tense Operators Until” and Since”
on Residuated Lattices
29 4 D488 Ashok Kumar, Brajesh Kumar Singh and B.D.K Patro Diversity Preserving Auto Improved -PSO for solving optimization problems
29 4 D489 Reza Faghih Mirzaee A Single Parity-Check Digit for One Trit Error Detection in Ternary Communication Systems: Gate-Level and Transistor-Level Designs
29 4 D490a Claudio Moraga, Milena Stankovic, Radomir Stankovic, Suzana Stojkovic On Bent and Hyper-bent
Multiple-valued Functions
29 4 D491 S. N. Mishra, Hossein Rashmanlou, Anita Pal Coherent Category of Interval-valued
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs
29 4 D492 Mohammad Alzohairi, Moncef Bouaziz, Youssef Boudabbous and Ahmad Sharary Description of the orders which are hereditarily
half-reconstructible by their comparability graphs
29 5 D493 Xueling Ma, Jianming Zhan and Bijan Davvaz Notes on approximations in hyperrings
29 5 D494 Saeed Rasouli and Akefe Radfar PMTL lters, R`   lters and PBL lters in
residuated lattices
29 5 D495 Xueling Ma, Jianming Zhan and Violeta Leoreanu-Fotea A novel rough soft hemirings based on a congruence relation
and corresponding decision making methods
29 5 D496 Mario De Salvo, Domenico Freni, Giovanni Lo Faro Hypercyclic subhypergroups of finite fully simple
29 5 D504 Muhammad Akram, Neha Waseem and Bijan Davvaz Certain types of domination in m−polar fuzzy graphs
29 5 D505 Eduardo J. Dubuc And Jorge C. Zilber Some Remarks On Infinitesimals In MV-Algebras
29 6 SPECIAL ISSUE Adaptive and Intelligent Systems
29 6 SI-D497 Jorma K. Mattila First steps toward fuzzy number-valued propositional logic
29 6 SI-D498 Jan Stoklasa, Tomas Talasek, Jaroslava Kubatova, Klara Seitlova Likert scales in group multiple-criteria evaluation
29 6 SI-D499 Paavo Kukkurainen Connection between triangular or trapezoidal
fuzzy numbers and ideals
29 6 SI-D500 Anna Shcherbacheva, Heikki Haario The impact of a household size on malaria
reduction in relation with behavioral alterations
in mosquito behavior by malaria parasites
29 6 SI-D501 Pasi Luukka, Nikolai Efimov-Soini, Mikael Collan, and Mariia Kozlova Fuzzy Mcdm-Procedure For Design Evaluation: Capturing Redundant Information With An Interaction Matrix
29 6 SI-D502 Tomas Talasek, Jan Stoklasa A numerical investigation of the performance of
distance and similarity measures in linguistic
approximation under different linguistic scales
29 6 SI-D503 Pavel Holecek, Jana Talasova Transitions between fuzzified aggregation