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A New Concept of An Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graph with Applications
A. A. Talebi, Janusz Kacprzyk, Hossein Rashmanlou and S. H. Sadati

Fuzzy graphs, notably fuzzy incidence graphs, have been known to be an effective and efficient tool to represent and solve many complex real-world problems in which imprecise data and information are crucial. We extend the concept of a fuzzy incidence graph to an intuitionistic fuzzy incidence graph, and show some of its important properties. In particular, we discuss the well-known problems of: edge domination, irredundant sets and their cardinalities related to the domination, etc. Some examples of applications of the new intuitionistic fuzzy incidence graphs we outlined.

Keywords: Fuzzy graph, fuzzy incidence graph, intuitionitic fuzzy graph, intuitionistic fuzzy incidence graph, incidence dominating set, incidence irredundant set.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 05C99, 03E72.

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