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Interference of Strong Electromagnetism on Communication Signal in High-speed Train Driving
Minghua He

At present, the high-speed railway is mostly driven by electric power, so the high-speed railway communication accidents often occur because of the strong electromagnetic interference on the signal. Therefore, it is an important guarantee for the safe operation of high-speed railway to study the interference of strong electromagnetic to communication signals. In order to improve the efficiency of high-speed railway operation and ensure the real-time flow of communication signal, this study took lightning interference and traction power supply system interference as examples to analyze the structure parameters of communication tower and construct equivalent model, so as to calculate different results under different interference, and evaluated the electromagnetic interference systematically. It was found that lightning produced strong interference signal to the circuit overvoltage, which greatly increased the voltage value. The influence of the traction power supply system was mainly the result of traction return current. In addition, on the basis of the experimental results, several ways to prevent the interference of different electromagnetic signals were proposed in order to better apply the theory to practice.

Keywords: high-speed rail signal, lightning, traction power supply