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Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis of Vanadium Oxide Doped Sodium Zinc Phosphate Glass Matrix
Y.H. Elbashar, R.A. Ibrahem, Jamal Khaliel, S.M. Hussien, A.E. Omran, W.A. Rashidy, M.A. Mohamed, A.S. Abdel-Rahaman and H.H. Hassan

The phosphate glass system of chemical composition 40P2O5 -37ZnO- 2CuO–(20 − x) Na2O–(x) V2O5 in molar ratio with( x=1,2,3,4,5, and 6). were prepared using a conventional melt-quench technique. The infrared spectra were measured over a continuous spectral range (400–4000 cm–1) in an attempt to study their structure systematically. The most active peaks were observed in the region from 400 cm–1 to 2500 cm–1. FT-IR spectra were analyzed to determine and differentiate the various vibrational modes by applying a deconvolution method to them. They show specific vibrations of phosphate units.

Keywords: Fourier transform infrared spectra, phosphate glass, vanadium oxide, vibrational modes