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Application of Image Enhancement Techniques for Restoration of Old Art Works: A Simulation Study
M. Kaur and M. K. Dutta

The quality of images, especially the paintings and other art works often degrades due to various reasons e.g; ageing effect, usage of low quality material for paintings, improper preservation, introduction of different noises etc. The degraded images need proper restoration. Rising need of image quality enhancement in various fields have led to the development of different kinds of filtering and other techniques. Over the years many linear and nonlinear filters have been developed and applied to the poor quality and distorted images to remove the noise and improve the quality. This paper deals with the restoration of old and almost destroyed art works. Four different types of filters namely Median Filter, Gaussian Filter, Wiener Filter and Average (or Mean) Filter are used for denoising purpose. Later on Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization is also used for further improvement of image quality. Various parameters like AMBE, PSNR, NMSE, CPP and EME have been calculated to measure the performance of the combination of different filters and CLAHE technique. MATLAB software is used for the implementation of the above mentioned analysis.

Keywords: Image quality degradation, Noise, Median Filter, Gaussian Filter, Wiener Filter, Average Filter, Histogram equalization, AMBE, PSNR