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Performance of Free Space Optical Communication Link under Rainy Weather
Haitham M. Mikhlif, Farouk Kh. Shakir and Mazin Ali A. Ali

The research aims to study the effects of rainy weather factors on the performance of free optical communication systems through the air and find possible solutions to overcome these weather effects. Weather is considered one of the significant factors that influence on the laser beam transmitted over the atmosphere. Optical communication systems suffer greatly from fading emerged by the disturbance caused by different weather conditions in addition to attenuation which affects the quality of the received signal. This research investigates the quality of the free space optical (FSO) communication system under rainy weather conditions. The analysis of the system based on the measured receiver signal, bit rate error and signal to noise ratio in an optical communications link.

Keywords: FSO, Optisystem 7.0, BER, Q-factor, rain attenuation, NRZ.