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Research on Laser Focusing Enhancement Technology in Fault Diagnosis of Power Equipment
Long Li, Ke Hu and Huayong Tan

With the arrival of the digital era, the substation has got rid of the previous operation mode and gradually turned to digitalization and modernization, which reduces the risk brought by manual operation and improves the efficiency and quality of substation operation. But substation in electric power equipment failure problems will not be able to avoid, need regular maintenance/repair, and internal defects for some electric power equipment, it is hard to recognize by the naked eye or experience, even if can preliminarily judge the failure problems, also can’t accurate positioning, need to use modern methods to solve. Based on this, this paper takes the sample of transformer oil tank as the research object, diagnoses the internal defects of the sample with the help of laser focusing enhancement technology, and obtains the imaging results of internal defects and specific defect parts. The verification results show that the imaging results and specific defect parts of the sample can be accurately obtained through this technology. The feasibility of the application of this technology in the fault diagnosis of substation power equipment is confirmed, and the fault can be detected in time to ensure the safety of the whole operation of the substation.

Keywords: Substation; Laser focusing enhancement technology; Fault diagnosis