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Phase Space Dynamics of Self-Focusing of Dark Hollow Gaussian Laser Beam
Naveen Gupta, Rohit Johari, Shivani Sharma, Senthil Kumaran and Sandeep Kumar

Dynamics of self-focusing of a special class of laser beams known as Dark Hollow Gaussian Beam (DHGB) has been investigated. Formulation is based on finding the numerical solution of non linear Schrodinger wave equation (NLSE) with the help of variational theory approach in W.K.B approximation. The optical nonlinearity of the medium has been characterized by cubic-quintic model. Particularly the dynamics of spot size of the laser beam has been investigated in details. In order to have deep insight into the evolution of laser beam its dynamics in phase space has also been investigated.

Keywords: Self focusing, cubic quintic nonlinearity, variational theory, dark hollow laser beams