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Design and Performance Analysis of Wavelength Domain Contention Resolution by Using Fiber Nonlinearities in All Optical WDM Network
Arijit Das, Swatilekha Das, Rudra Sankar Dhar and Manoj Kumar Dutta

Contention is a big problem in all optical wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) network. There are different techniques for resolving contention in an optical network. Wavelength conversion is one of the best possible solution for overcoming contention at the intermediate nodes . Nonlinearity is an integrated part of fiber optic communication system and most of the times these nonlinear effects degrade the quality of the signal propagating through the optical fiber. However sometimes nonlinear effect has some beneficial use also. In this paper the third- order Kerr type nonlinearity of optical fiber has been used for the generation of new sideband frequencies which may be used for wavelength domain contention resolution in all optical WDM network. Simulation based model for realization of four wave mixing (FWM) for generation of new wavelengths and the implementation of wavelength converter for contention resolution have been developed. The performance of the developed models have been verified using standard software and simulation tool.

Keywords: Nonlinearity, Contention, Four Wave Mixing, Wavelength Conversion, Blocking Probability