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Generalized soliton solutions to Davey-Stewartson equation
S. Behera and J.P.S. Virdi

This study brings to bear the modified ( 𝐺/ 𝐺2 )-expansion method to express the validity of this generalized method, the Davey-Stewartson equation is considered. On modified ( 𝐺/ 𝐺2 )-expansion method the trigonometric, hyperbolic, and rational solutions are obtained with different solitary wave profiles such as periodic soliton, bell-type bright singular soliton, kink soliton, sharp soliton, and some complex profiles by considering special values of the involved parameters. The exact solutions of the Davey-Stewartson equation play an important role to understand water wave dynamics. Mathematica and MATLAB are used for computation and graphical simulation purposes.

Keywords: The modified ( 𝐺/ 𝐺2 )-expansion method; The Riccati equation; The Davey-Stewartson equation; Periodic soliton; Kink solution.