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Research on the Method of Ultraviolet Imaging Technology in External Insulation Discharge Detection of Power Transmission and Transformation Equipment
Haipeng Liu, Yang Liu and Penghe Zhang

Nowadays, the substation has gradually stepped into the era of intelligence, which is far superior to the traditional substation in terms of safety and performance. However, the external insulation discharge problem is still a thorny problem, which has not been effectively solved. Once this problem appears, it will cause adverse effects on the safe operation of power transmission and transformation equipment. Although UV imaging is one of the effective methods for external insulation discharge detection, the detection methods of discharge defects and types are not unified at home and abroad, which inhibits the application of UV imaging in external insulation discharge monitoring. Based on this, this paper puts forward a method for judging the type of discharge defects through experiments, and gives a quantitative analysis method for the type of defects and discharge types of some transmission and transformation equipment, which is of great help to the promotion of ultraviolet detection project.

Keywords: ultraviolet imaging technology; transmission and transformation equipment; external insulation discharge; quantitative analysis