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Effect of Non-linear Coupling on Atom-Atom Interaction
A.-S.F. Obada, M. M. A. Ahmed, E.M. Khalil, R. N. Rabea and M. A. El-Deberky

A generalization of the stars system through the interaction between two three-level atoms in the -type and two systems of two-level non-interacting atoms in the aftermath of the nonlinear coupling functions are investigated. The wave function of the system is obtained in the resonance case. With different forms of the nonlinearity functions, the atomic population is studied which display the phenomenon of collapses and revivals besides transition of the atomic initial state to a superposition state by gaining (or losing) energy depending on the initial atomic state. Also we consider the correlation function where the choice of the nonlinearity function can produce non-classical effects.

Keywords: System of two-level atoms , atomic inversion, correlation function.