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Estimation of Power Loss Due to Fiber Nonlinearities in An All Optical Transmission System: with Special Emphasis to Stimulated Raman Scattering
Swatilekha Das, Arijit Das, Rudra Sankar Dhar and Manoj Kumar Dutta

The performance of an optical fiber communication system is greatly affected by various nonlinear effects. If the transmitted power level is high or the bit rate exceeds 10Gbps value, nonlinear effects become important and must be considered. The impact of different nonlinear mechanism on signal fidelity includes shifting of power between wavelength channels and decrease in signal strength. In multichannel WDM/ DWDM networks the nonlinear effects can be especially troublesome . In this paper the power loss due to nonlinear inelastic process like stimulated Raman scattering has been discussed elaborately for different high speed data transmission systems. The required mathematical model and simulation layout to determine the parametric values of fiber nonlinearities and Raman induced power penalty have been developed using MATLAB software and Opti.System simulation tool respectively.

Keywords: Fiber Nonlinearities, Power Loss, WDM Network, Raman Scattering, Eye Diagram