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Second Harmonic Generation by Self-focused Hermite-Gaussian Laser Beam on a Metallic Surface
Derick Devassy, Harleen Kaur Dua, Vishal Thakur and Niti Kant

Harmonic generation of second order at metal-semiconductor interface for Cu-InSb and Al-InSb by using self-focused Hermite-Gaussian laser beam (HGLB) has been investigated. The interaction of laser with electrons of metal generates surface plasma wave (SPW) which could influence the electrons of semiconductor by exerting ponderomotive force. Using paraxial approximations, the equations for beam width parameter and normalized second harmonic amplitude has been derived. The metal surface is rippled which facilitates in making the process resonant. Prominent rise in amplitude with intensity of laser has been observed for Cu-InSb interface. Our work proposes metal-semiconductor interface as a good choice for harmonic generation and its applications.

Keywords: Self-focusing, surface plasma wave, density ripple, second harmonic generation