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Novel Stepped Impedance Microstrip Bandpass Filters for Radar Applications
Madhu Nakirekanti, Y. Hemalatha and R. Hemalatha

In this paper, the design and realization of A Novel Microstrip Stepped Impedance Resonator Bandpass Filters with two selected center frequencies (f0) 12GHz and 16GHz presented. For The design of Band pass Filters “Rogers 6035HTC” substrate material with relative dielectric constant of 3.55, Standard thickness of 0.020” (0.508mm), thickness of pec is 0.035mm and simulated on High Frequency System Simulator (HFSS). Both the designed filters performances are discussed and compared with literature. The designed Stepped Impedance microstrip BPFs have insertion loss of <1dB with the optimal average performance of 37% and 32% FBW, and return losses are 47 dB and 32dB, which is reported better when compared with the reference designs.

Keywords: FBW, HFSS, Insertion loss, Microstrip, Optimal Average, Resonator, Return loss