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Impact of Self-Focused Intense Beam on Second Harmonic Generation in Relativistic Plasma
Keshav Walia, Sunidhi and Arvinder Singh

The objective of current research is to explore impact of self-focused intense beam on Second harmonic generation (SHG) in relativistic plasma. The Cosh-Gaussian beam causes redistribution of carriers due to relativistic nonlinearity. This causes production of intensity gradients in transverse direction. These intensity gradients excites electron plasma wave (EPW) at incident beam frequency. Second harmonic generation (SHG) takes place on account of nonlinear interaction between incident wave and excited EPW. We have used paraxial theory for acquiring 2nd order differential equation for beam waist and SHG yield. Further, these equations have been solved numerically through established parameters of laser & plasma. Magnification in beam’s focusing ability and SHG yield is noticed with rise in beam intensity, plasma density, decentered parameter and beam radius. These results are important for researchers working in laser driven fusion.

Keywords: Cosh-Gaussian beam; Intensity gradients; Relativistic Plasma; Second Harmonic Generation

PACS: 52.38.Hb, 52.35.Mw., 52.38.Dx