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Simulation of WDM-FSO Communications Link Under Rain Weather Conditions
Farouk Kh. Shaker and Mazin Ali A. Ali

In this research, the performance of a WDM-FSO communications system is simulated under rain weather conditions utilizing NRZ modulation technology. Weather-related attenuation limits the distance of free-space optical (FSO) communication systems and the availability of line-of-sight terrestrial links. The suitability of distance links under this technology is investigated, and WDM has a greater advantage when employed in optical communication systems. Simulation is made as far as obtained optical power is concerned, so the loss of the receiving power can be investigated by utilizing the range analyzer at the receiving part based on OptiSystem 7. The increasing of transmitter power improves the performance of the signal quality under rain conditions. Our findings show that there is a critical parameters for transmitter/receiver link in FSO channels. The results of the reenactment reveal that the execution of WDM-FSO is better suited for strong attenuation. At a high transmitter power, the system has a low BER. Meanwhile, it has a high Q-factor.

Keywords: FSO, optisystem 7.0, multi-beam, BER, Q-factor, rain attenuation, NRZ, WDM