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The Excimer Laser Wavelength 308nm for Vitiligo Treatment
Hanaa Hasan Kadhim and Rasha Jawad Kadhim

The Excimer laser 308 nm xenon-chloride, an innovative phototherapy mode, can be described as ultra-violet B radiation system that is made up of a noble gas and halide Excimer laser has currently a verified efficiency in the treatment of the skin conditions like the vitiligo. Excimer lasers include a mix of halogen and noble inert gas, forming excited dimers only in activated states. A current of high-energy has been utilized for the production of those dimers that have a rather short life-time, and following their fast dissociation they release energy of excitation via the UV photons. Applications of those lasers had proven its success in the medical field, which includes cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopedics’, angiology of dentistry, and, in the past few years, dermatology.

Keywords: vitiligo, phototherapy, Excimer wavelength 308nm to treatment patients