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New Exact Solutions for Chen-Lee-Liu Equation
E. M. Mohamed, I. L. El-Kalla, A. M. K. Tarabia and A. H. Abdel Kader

In this paper, new exact solutions of the perturbed Chen-Lee-Liu equation (CLL), which represents the propagation of an optical pulse in plasma and optical Öber, are obtained. Using a traveling wave ansatz, the nonlinear CLL is transformed into two nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Consequently, these equations are reduced to a Örst-order ordinary differential equation that has a well-known exact solution. The obtained exact solutions are in the form of kink wave, peakon, dark, and bright soliton solutions.

Keywords: Perturbed Chen-Lee-Liu equation, Soliton solutions, Weierstrass functon, Jacobi elliptic functions