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Second Harmonic Generation Induced by Crossed Surface Plasma Waves at Metal-semiconductor Interface
Harleen Kaur Dua, Niti Kant and Vishal Thakur

Enhanced harmonic generation of second order induced by crossed surface plasma waves (SPW) at the interface of metal-semiconductor has been studied with thin layers of Cu, Ag, Al and semiconductor InSb. The configuration chosen is Kretschmann attenuated total reflection (ATR) in which light incident on glass metal interface generates SPW on metal surface. Two such SPW inclined at angles θ and with z-axis are considered. The coupled fields of two SPW interact with the electrons of the semiconductor and exert ponderomotive force on them that produces nonlinear current at second harmonic. Enhancement in the amplitude of second harmonic generation (SHG) is found more for Cu-InSb interface than that of Ag-InSb and Al-InSb interfaces for optimized parameters. The model presents the idea that a metal-semiconductor interface could be a better choice for SHG.

Keywords: Second harmonic generation, surface plasma wave, semiconductor