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Quadruple Gaussian Breather Optical Solitons in Diffraction Managed Nonlinear Media: Effect of Cubic Quintic Optical Nonlinearity and Self Focusing
Naveen Gupta

This paper presents theoretical investigation on formation of quadruple Gaussian (Q.G) breather solitons in diffraction managed optical media. The optical nonlinearity of the medium has been modeled by cubic-quintic nonlinearity. To obtain the physical insight into the propagation dynamics of the laser beam semi analytical solution of the wave equation for the laser beam has been obtained by using moment theory approach in W.K.B approximation. Emphasis is put on investigating evolutions of transverse dimensions and axial phase of the optical beam. Existence of stable spatial optical solitons resulting as a consequence of dynamic balance of diffraction broadening by Kerr effect induced self-focusing also has been investigated.

Keywords: Solitons, Quadruple Gaussian, Cubic Quintic, Self Focusing, Kerr Effect.