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Growth and Characterization of the Urea Admixtured L-Alanine Single Crystal
B. Thirumalaiselvam, V.Natarajan, N. Kanagathara and P. Jagadeeshwaran

The second harmonic generation efficiency of L-alanine, the simplest amino acid, is 1/3rd that of KDP. The non-linear optical (NLO) substance urea have very good SHG efficiency. Due of its poor growth characteristics, it is very difficult to generate large, high-quality crystals for practical use. The applications of urea in L-alanine is interesting. The slow evaporation of the solvent approach was successful in growing single crystals of L-Alanine mixed with urea. FT-IR and proton NMR spectra provided proof that urea was doped. Additionally, single and powder XRD were used to characterise the produced crystals. The Kurtz-Perry powder method was used to measure the second order NLO efficiency.

Keywords: Second harmonic generation. Urea, Kurtz-Perry powder method, NMR spectra, FT-IR, XRD