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Erbium Doped Seven-core Fiber Amplifier with Bi-Directional Pumping
M. Elmouaddine, A. Nassiri, A. Boulezhar and M. Taibi

Spatial division multiplexing has become an unbeatable method for obtaining high gain for erbium-doped double-clad fiber optical amplifiers. The challenge is to obtain a high gain with low noise. The pumping is considered among the pillars of the system, but the gain obtained by the unidirectional pump is limited and saturated. For more improvement in the gain, a new model of EDFA with bi-directional pumping is proposed and simulated. An important gain of about 54 dB centered at 1560 nm with a noise factor of less than 5 dB are obtained. A gain exceeding 25 dB is obtained on a wide bandwidth of 50 nm.

Keywords: Spatial division multiplexing, Erbium Doped fiber, Double clad, Bi-directional pumping.