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Temperature Studies of Optically Induced Birefringence in a Set of Monomer-Forming Solutions
Z. Blaszczak, M. Farhoud, W. El Shirbeeny, A. Shoaeb and M. Helmi

The molecular interaction are studied by laser induced birefringence measurements in a set of monomer-forming group solutions. This work presents, the temperature dependence of optical Kerr constants of diethyleneglycol, N-methyldiethanolamine, 1,5-pentandiol and 2,2’-thiodiethanol dissolved in methanol (as a common solvent) at different concentrations (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%). All related parameters concerning the molecular structure such as optical and molar Kerr constants, nonlinear molar Kerr constant, mean nonlinear polarizability, molar electronic polarizability, polarizability, and the radius of molecule as well as effective optical anisotropy and optical anisotropies have been calculated.

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