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Molecular Photonic Materials in The Light of High-Resolution Spectroscopy
W.J. Buma, R.A. Rijkenberg, and D.H.A. Ter Steege

Understanding, using, and predicting the macroscopic properties of photoresponsive materials that are employed in technology revolves around the question what the photophysical and photochemical properties are at the molecular level. The performance requirements for such materials is becoming increasingly tougher, at the same time the use of new building blocks to develop new materials is getting more and more unfavourable due to economic and environmental aspects. In order to meet these requirements, and to shorten the way from starting point (the molecule) to the product (material), new methods need to be developed. One therefore more and more resorts to the application of high-resolution spectroscopic techniques, which provide a detailed picture of the electronic structure of excited states and their dynamics, and uses the acquired knowledge to devise new molecular systems with improved photoproperties.

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