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Zwitterionic Polymers and Photozymes for New Technologies
George S. Georgiev, Anna A. Tzoneva, Lyudmil G. Lyutov and Ivan K. Petkov

Electrical field influence on the upper critical solution temperature and viscosity of the aqueous polyzwitterionic solutions as well as on the swelling kinetics and equilibrium degree of the polyzwitterionic hydrogels is established for the first time. Controlled by the electrical field intensity “sol–gel” transition is very promising for a controlled drug release and an effective cell and biocatalysts immobilization. Furthermore, the controlled by the same intensity viscosity of the solutions discussed advances them as a new class electrorheological fluids with a controlled rheology characteristics. Electrosensibility of the polyzwitterionic hydrogel suggest them as a new smart soft materials suitable for gel actuators and membranes with a controlled permeability. The established unique saltphiling properties of the polyzwitterionic aqueous solutions allow to define a new type photozymes for the photocatalyst transformations of the organic and inorganic salts in water under a solar light.

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