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Optical and Low Frequency Electric Field Testing of The Mobility of Mobile Parts in Catenanes and Rotaxanes
K. Nowicka, P.A. Chollet, F. Kajzar, G. Bottari, F.G. Gatti, D.A. Leigh and A. Miniewicz

Optical and low frequency electric fields are used to test the mobility of sub-parts of catenanes and rotaxanes in solution and in thin films. These molecules can be adequately tailored by the molecular engineering approach in order to enhance their response to external excitation. In particular the study of the Kerr electro-optic effect in solution permits to test the rotational mobility of molecules, or their parts, under the applied low frequency electric field. Another possible movement can be created by illuminating the photoizomerizable rotaxane thread within its absorption band. This may lead to a “clipping” type movement made possible by the trans-cis isomerization process. The results of investigation of the influence of electric optical and low frequency fields are presented and discussed in relation to the induced mobility of different parts of these complex molecules.

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