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Solutions of Semiconductors and Polymethine Dyes: Their Nonlinear-Optical Characterization
R.A. Ganeev, A.I. Ryasnyansky, R.I. Tugeshev, H. Kuroda, A.A. Ishchenko, N.A. Derevyanko and T. Usmanov

In this paper, the laser ablation method was used for the preparation and further investigation of aqueous colloidal solutions of As2S3 and CdS chalcogenides. The picosecond pulses of second harmonic of Nd:YAG laser radiation (532 nm) were used for the study of nonlinearities of investigated samples. We measured nonlinear refractive indices (g) and nonlinear absorption coefficients (b) of these media by the Z-scan technique. Nonlinear optical characteristics of various polymethine dye solutions were investigated at the wavelength of 1064 nm. Their saturation characteristics as well as comparison of different types of nonlinear absorption were studied. The data of various nonlinear optical parameters of investigated samples were presented and mechanisms of these processes are discussed.

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