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Effect of Polymer Matrix on Photosensitivity of Polymethine Dye Based Composites
S. Studzinsky, V. Syromyatnikov, A. Ishchenko, N. Derevyanko, YA. Vertsimakha, A. Verbitsky

Optical and photovoltaic properties of polymer-dye composites photosensitive in near IR region have been studied. Films of 1,3,3,1′, 3′, 3′ hexamethylindotricarbocyanine tetrafluoroborate polymethine dye and its composites in the different vinyl polymers were investigated. It is found that dye films and composites are photosensitive in the range 500–900 nm with the maximum at 750–800 nm. The value of photovoltage is minimal for composite with a neutral polymer matrix and has maximal value for iodine containing co-polymer of polyvinylcarbazole. These composites can be used for the development of flexible photodevices operated in near IR region including organic solar cells since the range of maximal photosensitivity is close to the region of the maximum solar photon flux.

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