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Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Monomers Solutions
M. Farhoud, Attieh A. Al-Ghamdi, M. Bahatttab and Bader Al-Faraj

Kerr effect has been employed to study the behavior of five symmetrictop of Alph-Olefine monomers solutions [Acrylic acid (AA), Ethyl acrylate (EA), Butyl acrylate (BA), Vinyl acetate (VAC), and Styrene (St)], dissolved in acetone as a common solvent, over a broad range of concentrations. The values of molar electronic polarizability, contraction, mean polarizability, radius of molecule and optical polarizability, describing the temperature dependence of the refractivity for monomers under study have been calculated. All related microscopic parameters concerning the molecular structure such as nonlinear Kerr constants, anisotropic factors, optical anisotropy and orientation function have been calculated.

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