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Specific Features of Second Order Optical Effects and Transport Properties of Several Magnetic Semiconductors Near Semiconductor-Metal Phase Transformation
K. Nouneh, I.V. Kityk, R. Viennois, S. Bene, F. Terki and S. Charar

Temperature measurements of transport and non-linear optical properties of new synthesized semiconductor Pb0.9835Pr0.0165Te in the vicinity of low-temperature metal-semiconductor phase transformation were performed. A correlation between temperature behavior of transport properties near the phase transition and non-linear optical (NLO) susceptibilities of second- and third orders was observed. Among the transport properties, resistivity, Seebeck coefficient and specific heat were measured. The presence of the minimum at about T r min = 50 K in the temperature dependence of the resistivity r(T) is due to metal-semiconductor transition in Pb1-xPrxTe and the low-temperature upturn observed in the resistivity is very well described by Mott law. In addition, the experimental temperature measurements of photo-induced non-linear optics (NLO) effect in reflected light regime (at l … = 1.06 mm), show existence of two maxima in the photo-induced second harmonic generation (PISHG) at temperatures 17 K and 30 K. Simultaneously the third-order two-photon absorption and photo-induced linear electro-optics (at l … = 10.6 mm) possess maximums near 50 K, i. e. at about T r min. The obtained results agree very well with the phenomenological theory developed for third order NLO effect in order to better investigate the semiconductor-metal phase transformations near the temperature of the phase transition.

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