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Projection Operator Technique and Solitary Pulse Scattering in Optical Fiber
Mousumi Ballav and A. Roy Chowdhury

The important phenomenon of optical pulse scattering in an optical fiber is investigated with the help of a newly derived technique of projection operator. Usual approach of variational method does not yield information about all the parameters of the pulse and also it is not possible to write all the modification of NLS equations in a variational form. But the present approach yields a system of ODE’s for all the parameters whatever be the form of governing pulse, which are then integrated numerically. The present situation can be used either to explain the effect of polarization mode dispersion or the simple phenomena of pulse interaction in an optical fiber. Our analysis clearly indicates to the fact that PMD tends to destroy the pulse shape as it propagates. On the other hand nonlinearity acts as a trapping mechanism to restore the form. Detailed structure of chirp, width amplitude, phase are given. Also the behaviour of the centre of pulse shows the position of scattering. It may further be added that for some parameter values the solitons collide three, four times and more, which shows that the two are trapped with each other or are formed into a bound state.

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