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IR-Phototreatment of Sicon Films Prepared by Different Technology
K. Ozga, I.V. Kityk, P. Mandracci and A. Slezak

We have found that IR bicolor coherent poling of the SiCON films synthesized b y Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PEVCD) method with the picosecond laser pulses causes sufficiently high values of the second-order optical susceptibilities. The dependence of the second order susceptibility versus the fundamental power density as well as versus the time of the optical poling and writing/fundamental beam ratio indicate on substantial role of the N/C ratio and very low dependence on the N/O parameter. Maximally achieved value of the second-order optical susceptibility was equal to about 10 pm/V. We demonstrate an important role of technology for the output parameters. Particularly, the films of the same content prepared by ion beam sputtering shows substantially less effect, which was equal below 0.5 pm/V. We show that variation of the laser wavelength also is crucial for the effect.

Optimal ratio between the fundamental and writing beams was varied between 10 – 30. The grating is destroyed during the 10 min. after the interruption of optical treatment.

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