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Two-Photon Absorption and Up-converted Emission in Blue-Emitting Stilbene Dye
Grace Jordan, Takeyuki Kobayashi, Werner J. Blau, Hartwig Tillman, Steffen Pfeiffer, Hans-Heinrich Horhold Marek Samoc and Barry Luther-Davies

We have carried out investigations into the two-photon absorption properties of a novel blue emitting molecule; 1,4-bis(4-diphenylaminostyryl)benzene. The open aperture z-scan technique was employed to measure the two-photon absorption coefficient of this material in solution over a range of concentrations in chloroform at 800 nm. We measured the twophoton absorption cross-section to be 197 x 10--50 cm4 s photon-1. We have also demonstrated strong up-converted emission in solutions of the same molecule highlighting the potential of this material for applications such as up-conversion and two-photon fluorescence microscopy.

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