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Gain Spectroscopy and Lasing in Doped Polymer Waveguides and Microstructures
Takeyuki Kobayashi, Grace Jordan, Werner J. Blau, Yasuhiro Suzuki and Toshikuni Kaino

Gain spectroscopy on planar polymer waveguides containing a blue-emitting dye, 1,4-Bis[2-[4-[N,N-di(p-tolyl)amino]phenyl]vinyl]benzene, has revealed large optical gains of up to 79 cm-1 at 501 nm. We have fabricated polymer microring cavities 200 Pm in diameter with the same material composition and demonstrated laser emission at around 510 nm under transverse nanosecond photoexcitation at 355 nm. The threshold for lasing is found to be 48 µJ/cm2.

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