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Novel Polarizer and Light Diffuser Film Based on Anisotropic Light Scattering
K. Totani, Y. Kazama, H. Hyashi and T. Watanabe

Novel polarizers and light diffuser, consisting of fiber/polymer composites, were prepared. Refractive index of surrounded matrix polymer was controlled to match the ordinary or extraordinary index of aligned fibers whereas a large mismatch of refractive index was simultaneously generated in the opposite direction. Thus, obtained film possesses good polarized property with transparency or opaque which depends on the polarized direction of incident light. The scattering light from parallel-aligned fibers becomes anisotropic, and scattering direction depends on the aligned fibrous direction. Polarization degree of Nylon 6 fibers/polymer composites is found to be 87% whereas that of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibers/polymer composites which have larger birefringence than that of Nylon 6, reached above 97%. S-polarized or p-polarized scattered light was obtained by matching the refractive index to ordinary or extraordinary index of fiber, respectively. These optical films would be promising candidates as a novel polarizer and light diffuser.

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