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Ultra-Fast Non-linear Optical Response of Metal-Nanocluster Composites Prepared by the Method of Dynamic Ion Mixing of Polymers
O.A. Plaksin, Y. Takeda, N. Okubo, V.T. Gritsyna, H. Boldyrieva, H. Biederman, K. Kono and N. Kishimoto

Metal nanocluster composites (MNCs) have been fabricated by simultaneous vapor deposition of polymer films on silica substrates and negative ion implantation. Composition of MNCs was controlled by varying the film deposition rate, ion specie (60 keV Cu or Ag ions), ion flux and fluence. Linear optical absorption measurements showed formation of metal nanoparticles. Non-linear optical absorption of MNCs measured by the Z-scan method utilizing femtosecond laser pulses consisted of negative contributions from (a) metal nanoparticles and, possibly, (b) a polymer matrix.

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