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Synthesis and HRS NLO Characterization of New Triarylmethyl Cations
Lionel Sanguinet, Jarrod C. Williams, Robert J. Tweig, Guilinmao Gregwiggers, Rolfe G. Petschek and Kenneth D. Singer

We report on the synthesis of new quadripolar triarylmethyl cations related to Crystal Violet and the characterization of their NLO properties by a new hyper Rayleigh scattering (HRS) technique. We have prepared a range of triarylmethyl cations that incorporate one, two or three naphthyl moieties. These structural modifications have a direct influence on the NLO properties that have been determined by the Timed-Correlated Single Photon Counting 45º HRS (TCSP-45-HRS) and also influence absorption properties as seen in the UV-Visible spectra.

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