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Widely Tunable Terahertz-Wave Source using an Organic DAST Crystal
Tetsuo Taniuchi, Shuji Okada and Hachiro Nakanishi

Widely tunable terahertz (THz) waves from 2 to 20 THz were generated in a 4-N, N-dimethylamino-4’-N’-methyl-stilbazolium tosylate (DAST) crystal by difference frequency mixing. We developed a dual-wavelength optical parametric oscillator (OPO) near 1550 nm using two KTP crystals as a light source. Power enhancement of THz-wave generation exceeding 100 nJ was achieved using high-quality DAST crystals by improving the OPO. Our tunable THz-wave source, which consists of a DAST and a dual wavelength OPO, should be useful for practical THz-imaging, THz-ranging, and spectroscopic applications.

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