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Wavelength Filter Fabrication of DAST Crystal
In Cai, Kyoji Komatsu and Toshikuni Kaino

An organic ionic crystal 4-(4-dimethylaminostyryl)-1-methylpyridium tosylate (DAST) is well examined as a nonlinear optical crystal for electro-optic devices and THz generation applications. Photonic crystals are also intensively investigated because of its superb optical characteristics and application potential for the integrated optical circuits. The photonic crystal has wavelength order cyclic structures with large refractive index difference. We have clarified that it is facile to fabricate periodic refractive index structure (refractive index grating) to DAST crystal using 2-beam interference technique. In this paper we report the serially grafted wavelength filter (1-Dimension photonic crystal) fabrication of DAST crystal using this technique. The period of the DAST grating we fabricated was about 480nm, wavelength filter has a band gap at about 1552nm

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